Effective life raft recovery with Sealift Rescue

Life raft recovery

In March 2018, on the Stella field on the British continental shelf, the captain of the MV Olympic Octopus observed a floating object that came rolling in the sea.

It turned out to be a life raft. In 50-60 knots wind and 8-10 meter high waves, the captain chose to use the Sealift Rescue system to attempt to recover the raft. The emergency vessel positioned itself in relation to the life raft so that the rescue crew could recover it from a safe location onboard the vessel. Fortunately, the life raft was empty and had most likely detached from an installation. The rescue team remotely operated the Sealift Rescue system onboard the vessel. The operation was done in calm and gentle manner, and only took 12 minutes.

Olympic Octopus fleet.jpg

Sealift Rescue is an effective rescue tool that has multiple functions. Not only can you save people and objects, you can also pick up fully loaded life rafts. The emergency vessels MS Nor Solan, MS VOS Famous and MS Olympic Octopus are some of those who train on this regularly.

The pictures show the fleet that was observed on the sea.

Sources: Report from Hoyland Offshore As

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