MS Nor Solan extracted plastic from the sea using the Sealift Rescue system

Extracted plastic from the sea

MV NOR Solan picked up plastic from the sea outside of Shetland with the Sealift Rescue system.

Just by having the "azimuth" running the MV Nor Solan crew could easily pick up the plastic that was floating on the sea surface. As the captain of Nor Solan, Øyvind Riise Johansen, said: The Sealift Rescue system can be used for many different tasks. Maybe we saved a whale today?

Earlier, the crew on MV Nor Solan has picked up a refrigerator that came floating on the sea. They have also recovered an ROV that had lost connection with its garage. MV Nor Solan stayed close to the platform with the help of the DP system onboard, and then used the Sealift Rescue system to extract the ROV from the ocean, which had great material values.

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